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From the thousands of showers that Total TileCare has repaired over the years, we have found one of the most common causes of leaking to be cracked and decayed grout – particularly at the wall floor junction of the shower.

Before Shower MakeOver After Shower MakeOver
Before Shower MakeOver After Shower MakeOver

  Degradation of the grout can be a result of:-

    • Harsh cleaning products
    • Over aggressive cleaning / scrubbing
    • General deterioration over time
    • Structural movement / house settling
    • Vibration of the wall from the opening and closing of doors

It is a requirement in all building regulations that a shower tray / waterproof membrane be fitted under the shower floor to prevent moisture or water leaking into the floors and walls. When the leak is severe, these shower trays tend to fill, then over flow, allowing the water to travel. A severely leaking shower has the potential of causing long term damage to the sub floor and adjoining walls. Not only that, but termites are also attracted to damp areas.


Why is My Shower Leaking?

Showers can leak for a multitude of reasons. The table below lists some of the most common causes of leaking showers and offers advice on how best to rectify these issues.

Cause of Leak Common Symptoms Solution
Plumbing Leaks Dampness / moisture through adjoining wall (into hallway / cupboard etc) – often above floor level.High moisture levels above floor level on shower wall with taps Contact plumber to pressure test shower pipes & check tap washers.Plumber to repair as necessary.
Failure of Waterproof Membrane Leaking through to lower level – wet patch on ceiling of lower level.Leaking to underneath of house. Contact waterproofing company for inspection, assessment and quotation – often needs to be ripped out, re waterproofed and retiled.
Shower Screen Seals Water leaking out from under shower screen onto bathroom floor. Total TileCare Shower Screen Seal Replacement; remove and replace silicon seals from around shower screen.
Grouting Compromised (cracked/decayed) Water leaching up through bathroom floor (often away from the shower).Dampness / damage to or around bathroom door frame.Dampness / moisture through adjoining wall (into hallway / cupboard etc) – at floor level. Total TileCare “Shower Perimeter Seals” or “5 Point Shower Seal” or “Shower MakeOver” as appropriate.
A combination of the above causes Combination of the above. Combination of above


FREE Moisture Assessment

As part of our commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service, our representative will perform a FREE Moisture Assessment Test when inspecting a leaking shower. The moisture assessment is carried out free of charge and is performed in order to eliminate or imply as a cause, issues with plumbing contributing to shower leaks. Should the moisture assessment show unusually high levels of moisture or moisture in unusual areas, our representative would usually recommend a plumbing inspection.

Moisture Meter


Incorporating the latest digital technology, the Moisture Encounter PLUS, provides a non-destructive moisture measurement using 3 ranges of sensitivity. Providing deep signal penetration (up to over 1″), the meter can detect elevated moisture without having to damage or puncture the materials being tested. Using low frequency signals and rubber electrode pads in direct contact with material being tested, the Moisture Encounter PLUS provides superior sensitivity and depth of signal penetration.

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