06 Exit Mould Makes Annual Shonky Awards 2012

A mould killer that doesn't kill mould... A recent article on Nine MSN - Choice Unveils Worst Products of 2012 - reads "Exit Mould and Coles Ultra Mould Remover made the list after mycologists found the mould-busting products don't penetrate porous surfaces, where mould is most likely to form." For the full article, refer to Shonky Awards - 2012. At Total TileCare, we have been explaining this to our clients for years. While "it may look nice and white post-spray, courtesy of the bleach … [Read more...]

05 All About Mould

  Contrary to popular belief, mould does NOT grow on surfaces such as glass, Formica, tile, or metal. It WILL however grow on dirt or other organic debris on these surfaces! In the shower, the most common culprit is bio-film. This film is made up of soap, shampoo, body oils, bacteria, skin flakes etc. and is the perfect environment for mould to grow in and on. It is imperative to keep shower surfaces clean in order to keep them free from mould and the best way to control indoor mould growth is … [Read more...]

04 All About Sealers

There are two main types of sealers – Topical and Penetrating. Topical Sealers sit on the surface of the tile and grout. They will often give the area a high gloss finish. Topical sealers can lift and flake over time. They usually require stripping prior to resealing. (Note - Total TileCare does NOT deal with Topical Sealers). Penetrating sealers sit just below the surface of the tile and prevent spills from penetrating and hence staining the tile. It is important to realise that a … [Read more...]

03 Does Sealing Mean No Maintenance?

No, tiled floors and grout require regular maintenance and anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying or misinformed! If you were to have your carpet Scotchguarded™ you would not assume that you have to vacuum less frequently. Likewise, if you have your tiles or grout sealed do not assume that you have to clean & maintain them less frequently! Sealers prevent staining, NOT dirt / grime build up. A penetrating sealer sits just below the surface of the tile and prevents spills from … [Read more...]

02 Do All Tiles Need Sealing?

The short answer is No. Not all tiles are porous. It is not necessary (or in fact possible) to seal a non-porous tile. Many people mistake textured tiles for porous tiles, because they can be very difficult to keep clean. You can use the following simple test for porosity. It will indicate moderate-high porosity levels. Tiles with a lower porosity may require alternate testing on a spare or sample tile. Pour a small puddle of water onto a single tile in an inconspicuous area. Leave the … [Read more...]

01 Products for Cleaning Floor Tiles & Grout

Contrary to popular belief / conventional wisdom, you should NOT use vinegar for cleaning tiles and grout. Vinegar is an acid and will decay grout over time. It can also permanently damage or etch the surface of natural stones tiles. Likewise, citrus cleaning products contain citric acid and will act in the same way as vinegar. Bleach or alkaline based cleaners should be used sparingly, well diluted and then rinsed well. The area should be kept well ventilated or alternatively, make sure to wear … [Read more...]