06 Exit Mould Makes Annual Shonky Awards 2012

A mould killer that doesn’t kill mould… A recent article on Nine MSN – Choice Unveils Worst Products of 2012 – reads “Exit Mould and Coles Ultra Mould Remover made the list after mycologists found the mould-busting products don’t penetrate porous surfaces, where mould is most likely to form.” For the
full article, refer to Shonky Awards – 2012. At Total TileCare, we have been explaining this to our clients for years. While “it may look nice and white post-spray, courtesy of the bleach removing the colour, and some of the surface mould may even have rubbed off, [but] the root structure remains entrenched in the grout ready to sprout again and party another day. But it gets worse: the bleach can actually erode and corrode grout and tiles, making them more porous – and more receptive to future mould festivities.” For the full report on the Choice website, refer to Exit Mould and Coles Ultra Mould Remover. For a long term effective solution, regrout mould affected areas, seal the new grout to help prevent mould spores from penetrating and use a gentle PH Neutral Cleaner or Microfibre cloth for routine cleaning.

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